Did U Love Today?

'Did U Love Today?' is a short video about taking time to slow down and explore. You may find yourself asking some interesting questions.

Kirk Cherep of Trailblazer Running Company

Kirk Cherep is the owner of Trailblazer Running Company, event host to a growing number of awesome trail races in northwest Indiana.

I am Dinosaur Man

Over the next month, Hard Prairie will be publishing a series of reflections from 2023's Potawatomi Trail Races. The following is the first installment in this series.

Miles to Go

Miles to Go is a short documentary about Paige Roberts—a busy mother of four young boys—who, in 2022, set her sights on completing her first ultra-marathon, the Fancy Nonsense 50k.

The Fall

In 2022, Morgan Mader helped pace her husband, James Solomon, to victory at the Potawatomi 150. Morgan recounts that experience here, illuminating the unwavering power of community, determination, and love that propelled James to triumph.

Expedition Ultra

In 2013, Shan Riggs ran the full length of Illinois—410 miles in a week. Last year, he became the first runner to complete the 3,000-mile East Coast Parkway. Reflecting on his running journey, Shan shares what motivated his many ambitious runs and reveals his next epic adventure.

Zach Bitter: The World Beater

In 2018, Zach Bitter set the world record for a 100-mile off-road course at the Tunnel Hill 100 in southern Illinois. He reflects on his record-setting performance, and more, in this exclusive interview with Hard Prairie.

Steve Durbin: The Conductor of Tunnel Hill

Steve Durbin is the Race Director of Tunnel Hill, arguably one of the fastest courses in the sport, and the scene of multiple record-setting performances, including Camille Herron's 100-mile world record in 2017.

Frozen Gnome 10k & 50k

Hard Prairie spent this past Saturday hanging out at Crystal Lake's Veteran Acres Park for Ornery Mule's Frozen Gnome 10k & 50K.

Beast of the East: A Photo Essay by Jenny Thorsen

Jenny Thorsen is a writer and photographer living in Chicago's western suburbs. Last December, Jenny photographed the Beast of the East 100 in Kings Mountain, NC. The following is a small sample of her stunning work, as well as a peek into her creative process and what she looks for in her work.

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