John Alcantara: Remember to Breathe

When John Alcantara began to experience feelings of depression and anxiety, he turned to running as a way to cope. What he found was a new path forward.

Running With Kala

In October 2021, Ryan Steiner and his daughter, Kala, completed the Hennepin 50k. Their story is remarkable; their shared journey only just beginning.

Christy Chiappone: The Constant of Rogers Park

Meet Christy Chiappone, founder of the Rogers Park Running Club, one of Chicago's longest-standing and most active community running groups.

Fancy Nonsense 50k: A Race Report

On October 29, Paige Roberts ran CUSS Running's Fancy Nonsense 50k. Find out what is was like for her to compete in and complete her first ultra marathon.

In The Witching Hour

James Solomon is crushing hills while most of us are fast asleep. Here, he gives Hard Prairie the lowdown on his training regime heading into his record-breaking performance at this year’s Cry Me a River.

Me and James

Meet the husband-and-wife team rewriting Illinois’ record books, one ultra at a time.

Ally Gregory: The Eternal Humanist

Hard Prairie sits down with the founder and Race Director of Chicago’s raddest running community.


When doctors told Patrick Burks his odds of survival weren’t good, he decided to take those odds and run with them.

Aneta Zeppettella: Athena in a Bucket Hat

Hard Prairie catches up with Aneta who, in 2021, became just the second woman to ever finish the Potawatomi 200.

In it for the Long Run

Tom McGinn and Jenni Guerriero are not only redefining what’s possible with coffee but reimagining how athletes relate to it as well.

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