30 in 30

In the original print version of this article, there was an error stating that Michael’s sobriety date was December 14 after he stopped drinking, but that he continued to use drugs for three years afterwards. This is not correct. While Michael did continue to use drugs for three years after he stopped drinking, December 14 is the date he entered treatment and stopped using any mind-altering substances. As a leader in the recovery world, this detail is crucial to Michael’s credibility and accountability to those he serves, and Hard Prairie deeply regrets the error.

The Promise

In 2023, Michael Patton attempted to break the Virginia AT FKT. Motivated by a promise to his wife, Michael had less than ten days to run nearly 550 miles. But as things began to unravel, Michael was forced to choose between keeping his promise or risking his word to set the FKT.

Only Now. Only Forward.

Laura Presely shares her riveting account of last year's Barkley Fall Classic. This is race reporting at it's finest, inhabiting all the twists and turns of one of ultra running's most storied events.

What the Fire Didn't Take

In June of 2022, a wildfire tore through a portion of the Western States course surrounding Michigan Bluff, destroying nearly 80,000 acres. Tim Roberts' remarkable photo essay captures the aftermath of that fire during WSER Training Camp, held last May over Memorial Day weekend.

Mind Over Marathon

Licensed therapist and ultra runner Cory Reese explores the relationship between mental health and the often extreme demands we place upon ourselves in the name of running. He asks readers to consider simple questions and offers practical advice to those struggling with their relationship with running.

This Is My Why

Carla Landrum's beautiful narrative weaves personal reflection with highly astute race reporting to give readers a thorough account of her year spent training for and eventually competing in UTMB-CCC.

Rescue on the Mountain

S. Trent Rosenbloom's exquisitely detailed account of a rescue operation occurring during last year's Barkley Fall Classic takes readers deep into the perils faced by an extraction team conducting an operation in the most inhospitable of places - Frozen Head State Park.

Simon Copeland: The Potawatomi Kid

In April, 12-year-old Simon Copeland paced his mother, Naomi, at the Potawatomi Trail Races. In this interview, Simon talks about the course, his favorite aid station snacks, and whether he intends to return.

Stepping Up to the Bar

Last month, James Solomon established a new 150-mile record at the Potawatomi Trail Runs, topping the mark David Goggins held since 2008. Morgan Mader shares James' incredible record-breaking journey here, highlighting the dedication and drive that has propelled James into a class all his own.

Waiting on Minnows

Michael Li generously served as my crew chief for last month's Potawatomi 100. Without his guidance, I likely wouldn't have finished. This is my 'thank you' to him.
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